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Did you know our Baklavas are hand made using traditional techniques . 

art of Making Baklavabaklava

The art of Making Baklava dates to 800 B.C and at Lavand we continue to use traditional methods and techniques to make ours.

Due to the difficulty and labour-intensive process in making fine filo pastry , many bakeries find it convenient to buy it ready made from mass market manufacturers. The consistency and quality of filo is of utmost importance to ensure the baklava produced is both light and flaky, and that is why at Lavand we believe in producing our own filo pastry from scratch.

This tedious task of dough to filo sheets to baklavas is a 48-hour process but for the best baklavas there are no short cuts.


The Best Ingredients

They say every great dish starts with using the best ingredients and at Lavand we do not compromise on quality.

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We DO NOT use artificial preservatives, additives or colouring

We believe in using real , high-quality natural ingredients that you can taste in every bite.

Did you know that fake flavours are used to mask bad and inferior products.

Hazelnuts (1)

In a Nutshell

We use best Nuts in the Lavand bakery either raw or roasted carefully to enhance their flavour.



Our Pistachios are sourced from 3rd generation farmers of Iran's Pistachio Capital, Kerman. The bright green is all natural and is achieved by plucking pistachios when they are not fully matured. This pistachio is very expensive as it means a lower yield for the farmer as pistachios are harvested when still tiny.

Clarified Butter (1)

Better Butter

Our clarified butter is imported from Switzerland who produces the worlds highest quality milk, resulting in exceptional butter. This flavour is pronounced in Lavand Baklavas as you bite into each flaky layer.

Clarified Butter is when the water is completely removed from the butter fat making it rich and pure.

“with enough butter anything is good”- Julia Child

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We offer Chocolate couverture in Milk , Dark and White varieties that are smooth & delicious.

Orange Blossom (1)


The subtle fragrant scents that float from Lavand Baklavas come from the high-quality essential oils imported from France. Rose Damask and Orange Blossom are the primary oils used to perfume our Baklavas. This adds dimension and aroma to every.